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Upgrade Your Growth; Unleashing Potential with Beiersdorf, DraftKings, Incubeta Groundswell & Hyundai

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Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta as we hosted our first event since the unveiling of our vibrant new identity. Upgrade Your Growth brought together a range of experts from around the world to discuss ways of unleashing growth potential in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile times.

Access to the full presentations and session recordings can be found on Incubeta’s website. Below is a short description of the presentations from Barbara Wentzel (Head of Global Media at Beiersdorf AG), Julia Zeng (Growth Marketing Manager at DraftKings), Mark Lilley (Co-Founder & Director at Incubeta Groundswell) and Oscar Makola (Marketing Director, CMO at Hyundai ZA). Register today to watch the full event on demand.


The Little Blue Tin (Barbara Wentzel)
Despite its prevalence in the skincare industry, Beiersdorf is a relatively unknown entity, but Nivea – their largest brand – is polar opposite. Barbara’s presentation shone a spotlight on the Hamburg based brand Beiersdorf, and how they grew from a one product company in 1880, to a multi-billion pound industry in the 21st Century.


Analytics, Automation, and Forward-Thinking Paid Search in Sportsbook and iGaming (Julia Zeng)
DraftKings is an American fantasy sports contest and betting operator that is a fast growing company within the gaming industry. Over the last year the iGaming market has boomed, and Julia’s presentation focuses on the path to success, and the need to be consistently transitioning – focusing on analytics, and data driven strategies to come out on top. (See full writeup)


Focusing on the Complete Customer Journey (Mark Lilley)
Worldwide we’ve seen eCommerce going from strength to strength, hitting an all time high in the last 12 months throughout the pandemic – and it hasn’t stopped there. Mark’s presentation focuses on the fundamentals of the complete customer journey and the three pillars of eCommerce: Customer Acquisition,Conversion & UX, and Customer Retention. While touching upon the threats to success, and valuable insight sources.
(See full writeup).


Upgrade Your Growth (Oscar Makola)
It’s never one silver bullet that drives success, it’s the combination of multiple factors that drive growth, performance and excellence. Oscar’s presentation focuses on the seven integral layers to marketing that have emerged throughout Covid and how, even during tough times, there is a higher purpose to what we do.
(See full writeup).

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