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Wrap Up: Using the Force of Dynamic Campaigns


What do Star Wars and dynamic campaigns have in common? Find out in our virtual presentation “Using the Force of Dynamic Campaigns”.

Watch a full recording of the session here.

Our SVP, head of client service and avid Star Wars fan, Andrew Henry, presented the first virtual event in our series, moderated by our CEO — and also big fan — Sara Francis. Both are industry veterans that have seen dynamic campaigns evolve from its fledgling days before it became the powerful data-driven tool that it is today.

Andrew gave a brief description of what goes into a current dynamic campaign before diving into a look at its history and evolution. From there he provides several dynamic strategies and the use of the different available data signals and creative executions.

Having given the lay of the land on what’s possible with dynamic, he goes on to provide a real-world application for how it can be applied to two very different client objectives featuring none other than — Star Wars.

Star Wars fandom aside, it does make for an interesting hypothetical use case. Two different client objectives marketing the same film title, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. One marketing a theatrical release (Lucas Films) and the other promoting a streaming service (Disney Plus).

Andrew describes ways the two might activate a dynamic campaign to achieve their objectives, one using first-party data from their existing Star Wars fan base to entice them into theaters, the other a cross-title promotional approach to promote sign-ups to the service.

Having been at the frontlines working with clients on so many dynamic campaigns, Andrew turned to the Yoda quote “do or do not, there is no try” as a key learning. Meaning you have to commit to a strategy, but have the patience to crawl, walk and run. Dynamic campaigns can seem complex, but there are some easy ways to get started. You need to start on a path toward a maturity model and not try to do too much too soon.

Sara wrapped things up with a brief Q&A, getting Andrew’s thoughts on ways a client might get started with a dynamic campaign along with some of his favorites. Then it was Star Wars trivia time. And [spoiler alert] I don’t think Andrew was supposed to get ALL of the answers right, but you can’t deny him his mastery of the subject matter.

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