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What we did:

Tangram was one of the first large scale HTML5 dynamic ad campaigns to come from Google, replacing all of the flash units previously used by the SMB team. There was pressure to execute this perfectly, and we did. Developed on DoubleClick Studio’s dynamic platform, we were responsible for creating a backend feed using 60,000 different variations of the creative along with localization for 22 markets and 7 languages.

To the drawing board:

With the creative for these ads, we started from square one. Using pen and paper, we worked with the Google team to conceptualize ads that are simple, approachable, and clean. We knew that these ads would be always “on” so we had to make sure the design reflected that. Simple art, plenty of room for various messaging, and small amounts of animation let the true message come through. After exploring hundreds of options, the “Tangram” creative concept was born. Using the simple shapes, we figured out how to use the Tangram concept to create imagery that is understood universally throughout all the variations of messaging.

Piecing it together:

When Google’s Small and Medium Business (SMB) came to us, their creative brief simply stated they wanted to reimagine digital ads. After getting a little more direction - they wanted to connect business owners with the business solutions Google has - we decided to utilize programmatic ad units that did just that. We presented an idea of ad units that are “always on”, just like small business owners. They don’t get to take a day off, so why should ads designed to help them? Using audience and behavioral segments, the end result were ads that had up-front thinking, greatly easing the creative process making updates to these ads faster, profitable, and custom-tailored in messaging to match the consumer’s needs.

Google Tangram Sketches


[tang-gruh m]


A puzzle consisting of a square cut into five triangles, a square, and a rhomboid, which can be combined so as to form a great variety of other figures.

Google Tangram Bible

Sweating the details:

After the hard work was done, we needed to create an ultimate Tangram Visual Design Guide. Because the campaign was going to be sold through other Google territories, there was an immense need for a guideline that specifically drilled down all aspects of the creative, from approved icons to copy placement. This needed to be easily digested, easy to follow, and give others the ability to execute the Tangram creative.

We created an extensive, detailed guideline that required almost no rounds of feedback from Google. We took into account practically every variation that could arise, so other agencies could easily utilize this creative concept.

Wrapping it up:

We’re proud to say this campaign is still ongoing, and our team continues to handle maintenance for US, EMEA, and Latin America markets and making seasonal updates as needed.